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4WHLR   4 Wheeler
CCLRN   Acceleron Fuzz
LPH   Alpha Dog
MP   Amp Eleven
NGRY   Angry Charlie
NGRYJFF   Angry Jeff
R   Aria
RPND   Arpanoid
TMC   Atomic Overdrive
BBYFC   Babyface
BT   Bit Commander
BLPRNT   Blueprint
BLS   Blues King
BLSKY   BlueSky
BXFM   Box of Metal
BXFR   Box of Rock
BRGDR   Brigadier
BRWN   Brownie
BN   Bun Runner
BTH   Butah
CHRL   Charlie Brown
CHD   Choad Blaster
CLSS   Class A Boost
CM2   CM-2 Tube Overdrive
CR7   CR-7 Stereo Chorus
CRMSN   Crimson Drive
DRKCH   Dark Echo
DRK   Dark Horse
DP   Deep Six
DLX   Deluxe Plus
DSCNT   Descent
DSR   Desire Boost
DRT   Dirt Transmitter
DSSTR   Disaster Transport
DSSTRS   Disaster Transport SR
DSPTCH   Dispatch Master
DSTRTN3   Distortion3
DL8   DL-8 Delay/Looper
DBLBRRL   Double Barrel
DBL   Double Chorus
DRM   Dream Crusher
CH   Echo
L   El Capistan
MDRV   EM-Drive
NTRPRS   Enterprise
TRN   Eterna
TRNG   Eterna Gold Modified
FT   Fat Drive
FVRT   Favorite Switch
FRY   Fiery Red Horse
FXD   Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe
FLNT   Flint
FZZ   Fuzz Factory
GHST   Ghost Echo
GLMND   Gilamondo
GD   God Zilla
GLD   Gold Shift
GRVTN   Graviton Boost
GRY   Gray Tremolo
HRD   Hard Stuff Boost
HLM   Helium
HF   Hoof
HKLP10   Hook & Loop 10'
HKLP25   Hook & Loop 25'
HT6   HT-6 PolyChromatic Tuner
HMMNGBRD   Hummingbird
MPRL   Imperial Overdrive
RN   Iron Horse
JN   Jan Ray
JNS   Janus
JTDRV   Jetdrive
JPTR   Jupiter
KLMZ   Kalamazoo
LGHT   Light Overdrive
LM   Lime Aid
LDR   Louder
LW   Low Drive
LNR   Lunar Module Mini Deluxe
MNFLD   Manifold Drive
MNTR   Mantra
MYFLWR   Mayflower
MNFT   Mini Foot Fuzz
MNRCH   Monarch
MNSHN   Moonshine
MR   More Louder
MRNNG   Morning Glory
MRW   Mr. White
MSKT   Musket
NGHT   Night Overdrive
ORGNZR   Organizer
PL   Pale Horse
PLMTT   Palmetto Boost
PNDMNM   Pandamonium
PNTHR   Panther
PNTHRCB   Panther Cub
PRMNT   Paramount
PHLSPHRS   Philosopher's Tone
PNKMN   Pinkman
PNNCL   Pinnacle
PTCH   Pitch Bay
PRK   Pork N Beans
PRCSNM   Precision Mulit-Drive
PRCSNV   Precision Overdrive
PRSTG   Prestige
PLP   Pulp N Peel
PRPL   Purple Boost
PRPLO   Purple Octopus
RNBW   Rainbow Machine
RDVRDRV   Red Overdrive
RDSHFT   Red Shift
RDSQR   Red Square
RTO   Rent-to-Own payment
RTO2   Rent-to-Own payment
RTO3   Rent-to-Own payment
RTO4   Rent-to-Own payment
RX   Rental Extension
RV7   RV-7 Stereo Reverb
SC2   SC-2 Valve Distortion
CSCRM   Scream
SCRMR   Screamer
SCRMRB   Screamer Bass
SCRMRF   Screamer Fuzz
SCRMRFB   Screamer Fuzz Bass
SCRW   Screw Driver
SCRZZ   Scruzz
S   Sea Machine
SH   Shoe Gazer
SGNACMP   Signa Comp
SGNADRV   Signa Drive
SLDR   Solder-Free Pedalboard Kit
SLDRR   Solder-Free Pedalboard Kit Right Angle
SP7   SP-7 Stereo Phaser
SBFZZ   SubFuzz
SPRDPR   Super Duper 2-in-1
SHO   Super Hard On
SPR   Super Signa Drive
SPRBLT   SuperBolt
SPRMN   SuperMoon
SWT   Sweet Tea
SWTVRB   Sweet Verb
TPADLY   Tap-A-Delay
TPAFZZ   Tap-A-Fuzz
TPAPHS   Tap-A-Phase
TPASCRM   Tap-A-Scream
TPAWHRL   Tap-A-Whirl
DPTHS   The Depths
PRLT   The Pearl
SCRM   The Scream
WRDN   The Warden
TM   Tim
TMLN   Timeline
TMMY   Timmy
TL2   TL-2 Metal Distortion
TN   Tone Job
TNRPR   Tone Reaper
TR7   TR-7 Tremolo/Rotary
TNNLWRM   Tunnelworm
VYGR   Voyager
WRBL   Warble Tron
WT   WET Reverb
WHMMY   Whammy
WHTSTN   Whetstone
WHTHRS   White Horse
WHTLGHT   White Light
WHT   White Overdrive
WHTPN   White Pine Overdrive
YLLW   Yellow Delay

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